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Hiring Sarah was one of the best decisions we made with the birth of our second baby. I choose Sarah because she was highly professional, has a medical background, and was so kind. It was also important to us that our doula was fully vaccinated. Sarah was such a great resource to me prior to my son’s birth and provided overnight care the first few nights home from the hospital. I highly recommend investing in her doula services. She gave me the gift of sleep and peace of mind which completely changed my birth experience. I was able to get as much rest as possible the first few weeks, which helped me keep recover in a way I couldn’t with my first. We have had her support our family numerous times to help us get rest during the first months, which is life-changing. Thank you, Sarah!

Ami U.

I found Trinity Doula Services online and quickly reached out. I immediately loved how professional her website was and how easy it was to navigate the site. I contacted the company and spoke with Sarah about my needs. She was so kind and friendly. After our phone conversation, she sent me an email with everything we just discussed laid out very clearly. She also sent me a list of her previous clients for me to call for referrals. I called the names on the list and got GREAT feedback! She checked in on me multiple times and even met me for coffee the week before my induction. Once I had my baby, I told Sarah what night I wanted her to start. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Trinity Doula Services. Wow. Sarah truly eased my anxiety and helped my husband and I get so much rest! She taught me so many valuable things about motherhood, as she is a mother of 4. Her calming presence helped me in tense moments when my newborn was crying. She slept in the room with my daughter and did such a great job checking on her and caring for her. She even got my 3 week old to sleep 6 hours through the night! I will definitely use Sarah again if I have more children! If you are looking for someone to help you overnight, look no further. Her education and experience is unmatched! I’m so thankful I found Trinity Doula Services.

Taylor (Cain) Matz

I highly recommend Trinity Doula Services. Sarah is very knowledgeable in comfort measures and positioning to help baby move. She worked with us through a very long labor that ended in me having a c section. When we had to make a decision on what our move would be she was able to educate us which made us feel comfortable that we were making an informed decision. Once in recovery she was also present helping me with postpartum care and showing me how to nurse our daughter. My husband said he did not think he could have made it through everything without her help. The doctors and nurses at Mercy Health Lourdes also complimented on how wonderful and helpful Sarah was. Even though we only signed a contract for Birth Doula services Sarah reached out to us multiple times after the delivery to see how baby and I were doing and asked if there was anything she could do to help. You will not find a more skilled and compassionate Doula who makes you feel comfortable during your birth.

Jessica J.

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