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Sarah Pearce-Fogle

Lead Doula, Agency Owner, LPN

As a mother of four and a dedicated professional, Sarah truly understands the needs of new families. With a background as a full spectrum doula, pediatric nurse, and extensive experience in childcare and infant development, Sarah brings a wealth of magic and knowledge to her role as a doula. Her passion for empowering parents shines through as she guides you with answers, eases your fears, and uplifts you on your parenting journey.

Sarah's dedication extends beyond the traditional doula role. She has a special interest in helping families with dogs as they bring a new baby into their lives. Understanding the love and commitment families have for their four-legged members, Sarah provides guidance and support to ensure a harmonious transition for both human and canine family members.

Alongside her incredible team of doulas, she is ready to support you throughout your pregnancy journey, providing compassionate care during labor and tender attention to your newborn while you rest and recover.

In recognition of her exceptional contributions to the community, Sarah was honored with a place in "The Southern Illinoisan 20 under 40 of Local Business Owners" in 2020. Her commitment to making a difference is evident in every aspect of her work.

Sarah proudly serves the St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas, but her extensive knowledge and popularity mean she's in high demand. Fortunately, Sarah has been diligently training her team to ensure you receive the best possible support from any Trinity Doula. Additionally, for those with a passion for doula work, Sarah offers limited spaces for training through her apprenticeships.

Embrace the journey with Sarah and her team by reaching out today for the caring, knowledgeable support you deserve. Your parenting journey is unique, and Sarah is here to make it as smooth and empowering as possible.



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